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RYGGRAD Fall 2011 Collection Unveiled

We are incredibly excited to bring you our first RYGGRAD collection. Our website is up and now everyone can check out our lookbook! Here’s a sampling from it.

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Siren – Oh Land

Nanna Øland Fabricius is the Danish electro-pop artist known as Oh Land. She was trained as a ballerina at the prestigious Royal Swedish School of Ballet before she took up making her own music. She is now quickly becoming a fashion star with her ethereal stage outfits and model looks.

Her second album, self titled Oh Land, was released earlier this year, and has already yielded a hit, “Son Of A Gun”.

Ryggrad Girl’s Wardrobe – Leather and Chiffon

Leather shorts and flowy tops are a cool nonchalantly sexy combo that’s perfect for this spring.

RYGGRAD Fall 2011 Photoshoot

We are so excited to finally give everyone a glimpse of the first RYGGRAD collection. As I’ve mentioned in our Twitter feed, we had an amazing photoshoot on the 12th of this month and here are some shots from behind the scenes of that shoot.
Our photographer, Troy Smith. We were very lucky to work with him, he’s the bomb.

Lindsey and Ella, the founders and designers of RYGGRAD, are adjusting the outfit on the model.

Make up and hair was done by Dorit Genazzani, absolute pleasure to work with as well. Check out her site at

This is our model Cassandra Smith in her own clothes before the shoot. Not only is this chick an amazing model, she has mad style, and she plays bass in a metal band. She is the ultimate RYGGRAD model! I will most definitely be talking about her again.

Ryggrad Girl’s Wardrobe – Killer Wedges

Spring is here and it is time to get some new sandals. Wedges are a major trend this year and there is no reason to opt for the usual cork platform when there are incredible creative and edgy designs to start breaking in.

Alexander Wang


Rick Owens



Pierre Hardy


Ryggrad Girl’s Wardrobe – Tough Chic

Leather and fringe continue to dominate the runways and our closets.

A Ryggrad Girl’s Wardrobe: First Edition


images via modekungen, topshop, chanel, netaporter

As we continue to develop the collection, we try to narrow in every day on who the Ryggrad girl really is. Asking ourselves every question from “Where does she shop?” to “What parfume does she wear?”. Although we believe anyone can be a Ryggrad girl, there is one thing that our leading ladies have in common… relentless and effortless style. Here is a preview of what we believe would be inside the closet of our customer… consider this part one of many visual feasts to come!


Model Muse: Freja Beha Erichsen

images via


Model Muse: Ruby Aldridge

Ruby defines what a RYGGRAD girl is all about: casual, cool, sexy, brave. I knew she had that special IT factor when I first met her back in 2007 at a casting for Louis Vuitton’s fashion preview here in Los Angeles. She was the ONLY model whom I knew at first glance I wanted to hire to walk the show. She is sweet as can be and her style kicks serious ass. Keep your eyes peeled for this one, she is quickly rising to the top of the model totem-pole.